Work package 1a: realist literature review



About iPExThe objective was to review the literature to identify theories, mechanisms of action and potential impact of patient experiences. The review:

  • Underpinned all of the later work in the programme
  • Clarified which aspects of health are liable to be affected by exposure to online patient experiences
  • Identified different types of patient experience and theories relevant to the underlying mechanisms of action through which online patient experience might operate
  • Identified the different types of outcomes that might be relevant to online patient experience and the outcome measures that are now used in the research literature on health information, support and decision-making
  • Contributed to the assessment tool development

Team members

This work has been conducted by Sue Ziebland (University of Oxford) and Sally Wyke (University of Glasgow).team1Sally Wyke

Brief Summary

iPEx briefing paper 2


The findings were presented in the feature article of the June 2012 issue of the Milbank Quarterly.

Health and Illness in a Connected World: How might Sharing Experience on the Internet Affect People’s Health?